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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Primary Definitions

Islaminicist = Islaminist = Islamicist = Islamist = Islamic Fascist = Islamofascist = Islamonazi = Islamic Extremist = Islamic Militant = Radical Muslim = Muslim Fundamentalist = Muslim Fanatic = Muslim Terrorist = Musliminist = Musliminicist

According to the latest studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Islamic Fascists are unable to handle situations when they are being made fun of. Their blood pressure goes through the roof, they gradually turn red and eventually explode. Unlike with homicide bombings, there is no loss of human life, only unpleasant mess to clean up.

Proud Infidel project is dedicated to educating general public about the fun and easy way to fight the War on Terror.

The following entries are generally accepted: G, PG, PG13-16, R, NC17, and, occasionally NC72. Entries deemed insufficiently offensive will be censored.

Islamist's terms explained in plain English

Grand Poobah of Islaminicism; enjoys fresh smegma from Ayatollahs and short, but magnificent view of a nuclear explosion over Teheran

The Prophet's 2nd wife, whose marriage was consummated at the age of 9, giving rise to accusations of pedophilia, which are most infuriating to Islamaniax.

Used in conjunction with the word "Allah" prior to Pink Mist stage

Al Bouraq
Large white horse-like creature with the ears of an ass, the face of a woman, and the wings and tail of a peacock. Muhammad took a ride on this imaginary beast after eating some bad mushrooms. Quite a trip. Islamaniax become infuriated when non-Islamaniax (Jews, Christians and other dirty kaffirs) describe this Islamaniac fairy-tale.

Moon-God; better than a camel or 72 virgins

Small pieces of diced infidel with a separate price for each piece

Ass Salami Yecchum
Popular greeting among Islamaniax

Device designed to conceal facial and body hair of Musliminicist female. Sometimes worn by Islaminicist males for getting in touch with their feminine side.

Burqua King
Home of the flame-broiled Islamonaziburger; coming to Iran in 2007.

1. Object of affection
2. Fastest vehicle invented by Musliminicist

Invitation to burn infidel embassy

Chocolate Moo-Hamed
Moo-Hamed prepared by Islamaniac jurist who is an expert in Fiqhal matters

Jew-lovers, will go to Hell after we kill them

Dirty Jew (not that there are any clean ones)

Dynamite Stick
Device used for martyrdom in a form of suppository

Overweight Musliminicist with no balls, used for guarding harems

Something mandatory, i.e., passing gas is considered a fardh after a meal of spicy Moo-hummus washed down with Pearls of Wisdom and a tall glass of Musliminaid or Moo-Hamed

Female age for marriage
Six years old

Female age for marriage consummation
Nine years old

Understanding, comprehension, knowledge, and jurisprudence among Islamaniax. Only an Islamaniac jurist can be considered an expert in Fiqhal matters and Fiqhal movements of all kinds.

Subsurface territory reserved for Jews, Christians & Pagans

Pig/mule hybrid resembling but not related to human beings, currently blowing themselves up throughout Palestine

Concubine warehouse of a rich Musliminist. Accepts girls 6 and older.

Subsurface territory reserved for Jews, Christians & Pagans

Lazy bastard who didn't finish the job. Thank Allah for Osama and Ahmadinutjob. When alive, enjoyed young boys and scat movies.

Holy Shit
aka Jamkaran Well, first outdoor toilet used by Shit Islamaniax

Orange County Infidel

Islamania (Muslimania)
Martyrdom disease

Islamicist suffering from Islamania

More than one Islamaniac

Weakness of the arguments of Islamicism

Certainty that Islam is right and the rest of the world is wrong

Certainty that Allah approves Killing

Islamicism, Islaminicism, Islamicism, Musliminity, Muslimitudinousness, Muslimicism
The act of being Islamicist

Giant microwave oven with 72 forks and a picture of A.Q. Khan

Place of work or study as mandated by the Supreme Council of CAIR & Co., i.e., no unscarved females, no dogs, no pigs, and absolutely no fucking Jews!

Improperly scarved female, people using showers, de-loused headwear, etc.

Musliminist male who'd rather see women draped from head to toe.

Discos, cocktail parties, dances, movies, libraries. Too dangerous for the average Muslimicist. IslamaGoGo: No such thing. Muslimicists can't dance.

Acting in the capacity of spokesman for Islamicists


Stick belonging to Islamophobini (Islamophobinist of Italian decent)

Verb. Common usage: Go Islamophuk yourself.

1. Pigs, Apes, Dogs & Snakes. Sneaky bastards who managed to steal land from the Palestinian people twenty years before they became Palestinian people. Monsters who murder Muslim babies and use their blood as condiment. Will all go to Hell after we kill them.
2. More than one Jew

Exceptionally dumb Jihadist
Plural: Jihadnix

Popular Mujahideenist drink in Lebanon

Common Musliminicist mispronunciation of the word "cartoon"

Male Member
Reward promised to Musliminicists in exchange for martyrdom. Comes with a 72-year-old virgin. Batteries not included.

Mecca-nized Infantry
Eight Islamaniax riding camels with hand grenades strapped to their chests attacking an armored column

Aphrodisiac prayer known as Spanish Fly for Andalusian Musliminists. [See "Funky Cole Medina" a song made popular by Ton Loc.] Sung by Islamicisists before performing unspeakable acts on camels.

Milk based drink leaving one thirsty for world domination

1. Popular place of hiding when Islamaniacs come under fire from real soldiers
2. Place where Musliminist men worship the Moon-God
3. Comfortable place to discuss filthy Jews and Christians
4. Place where Musliminists hide munitions, rifles, and improvised explosive devices so they can take pictures following the Mosque's destruction while simultaneously whining that the Jews and Crusaders are targeting places Holy to the Moon God.

Rare type of chlamydia, shared by Islamicists and camels

1. Sub-Divine Being. Enjoys being drawn by infidels, but drawing by Musliminicists is Islamofrownedupon
2. Warlike pedophile that said he had a vision of world domination involving worship of a Moon-God

Delicious sandwich named after the Prophet; served on flatbread before martyrdom operation

Beast of burden used to pull a wagon in most 3rd world Islaminist countries

Musliminist suffering from Muslimania

More than one Muslimaniac

Drink extracted from a male camel

Amputation of an unused male member, leads to perpetual anger. Known to happen during advanced stages of Islamania. Reverse procedure (addadicktome) is strictly prohibited under Koranic law

State of being Musliminicist

Secretion collected from the armpits of 72-year-old virgins. Dual-use substance. Could be used either as a deodorant among the Islamicists or as a chemical weapon if the enemy attacks.

Infidel who is likely to convert to Islam, i.e. a convict who is tired of being his cellmate's bitch

Mean infidel who enjoy hurting terrorists for no reason and defames Islamonazis for fun

Voices in my head insist on killing infidels

Infidel who does not believe that Islam is the only true religion

Muslipiety, Muslipiousness
Piety as it applies to Islamicists

Muslitirety (Caliphate)
The whole world must be Muslim in its entirety

Head of the Shit Mujahideenists; abbreviation: ShitHead

Osama bin Laden
Grand Poobah of Musliminicism; enjoys quiet evening in a cave, scratching himself, calling his youngest wife a Jewish whore and playing hide and seek with Tomahawks and Predators.

Osama's male cousin with a crush on OBL

Jew-lovers, will go to Hell after we kill them

Party Pooper
Rear part of a camel

Pink Mist
Intermediate stage between martyrdom and meeting a 72-year-old virgin

Boys or young men used by middle class Islamonazis who cannot afford harems

Pearl Diver
Islaminist who seeks out young men for fun and prophet

Pearls of Wisdom
What is commonly found dribbling down the chin of a Pearl Diver

Musliminicist method of camel deflowering

Appendage found on the bottom of a camel. Used as a source of nutrients on cross-desert routes

Just another reason to kill the Jews

Seventy-Two-Year-Old Virgin
Reward promised to Musliminicists in exchange for martyrdom

Stretch Camel

Sword of Allah
Turbo charged colonic irrigation device frequently enjoyed by Iranian Ayatollahs

Song made popular by Harry Belafonte. [See "Come Mr. Taliban, tally me banana."] Adopted as a battle cry by Muslimaniax in Second Millennium

He ran, she ran, teh all ran

Former rulers of Afghanistan before USAF bombed them back to pre-history

Device design to conceal facial hair of female Musliminicists

Yassir Arafuck
Lazy bastard who didn't finish the job. Thank Allah for Osama and Ahmadinutjob. When alive, enjoyed young men and billions that were meant for starving Muslims.

Musliminicist female with an untrimmed bush

Zionist Crusader
1. Muslimophobinist
2. Zionist who likes to cruise

Selected verses from Holy Paper Rolls

Bukhari LXII:25
"As for whom(ever) plays with a boy: if he caused him to enter him, then he shall not marry his mother."

Sura LII:24
"And there shall wait on them [the Muslimicist men] young boys of their own, as fair as virgin pearls."

Sura LXXVI:19
"They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders."

Islamist's terms explained in pictures



Broken Muslimousine

Friday, December 01, 2006

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dedicated to every stupid Jew who ever considered voting for Nader

Friday, October 06, 2006

Michelle Malkin: Banned from YouTube



"First, They Came" Michelle Malkin's video removed form YouTube

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Neal Boortz exposes hypocrisy of "moderate" Muslims.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Encyclopedia of Islamic Extremists, second draft

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