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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Open Letter to Adam Gadahn

Dear Brother Adam,

My husband saw you speak the other day, and it made him very upset. The reason is that you have mentioned a few names of Zionist Crusaders, but his name was not one of them. While I completely agree with you that Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson and President Bush are on the front lines of the battle with Islamic Terrorism, my husband, James Bauer, hates Islamic Terrorists just as much. His birthday is coming up, and it would really make his day if you could include his name on the list of Zionist Crusaders in your next speech. I don't know if it violates Koranic laws to take any requests from infidels, but if it does, I hope you could bend some rules for me, since you also were an infidel once. If it helps you to make a favorable decision, I could even make a sizable donation to Adam Gadahn Speech Therapy Fund (God knows you need that!)

Send my love to your pet camel,

Jamie Bauer


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